Yourphone.exe High CPU Usage [Quick Solution for Windows 10/11]

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YourPhone.exe is a program that runs in background on every Windows PC. This process consumes huge amount of resources and causes slow performance of PC. If Youphone.exe is consuming too many resources, it could cause system instability and crash. In such cases, it becomes necessary to uninstall YourPhone.exe completely and reinstall it again. But there are chances that YourPhone.exe gets corrupted due to malware infection. So, we suggest to download and use Reimage software to scan and detect YourPhone.exe malicious files and delete them immediately.

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High CPU Usage by YourPhone.exe on Windows 11/10

If you are facing high CPU usage while browsing the web on your PC, there might be something wrong with YourPhone.exe. This file belongs to the Phone Link application and is responsible for showing notifications such as missed calls, text messages, emails, etc. If YouPhone.exe keeps getting stuck in the background, it could cause problems like freezing up your computer.

To fix this issue, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. 2. In the left pane, find YourPhone.exe under Processes tab. Right-click on it and select End Process.

3. Close the Task Manager window.

4. Find Phone Link app and tap Uninstall button.

5. Restart your device.

Solution 1. Disable YourPhone.exe

If you are experiencing issues with your phone being slow or freezing, it could be due to a few different reasons. One reason could be because your phone needs some memory space. If you don’t have enough RAM, your phone might start acting sluggish. You can free up some space by deleting apps you no longer use. However, there are times when your phone just needs a complete reset. This article explains how to do that.

To access your device’s storage, press the Windows + I keys together. Once you’re inside the Settings menu, look for “Privacy”. Scroll down and select “Device options.” From here, you’ll see a list of devices that you’ve installed on your computer. Select the one you want to delete, and hit Delete. After that, go into Device Manager again, and uninstall the device. Next, reboot your PC.

Now, you should be able to run Windows normally without having to worry about your phone slowing down.

Solution 2. Uninstall Your Phone app

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Right-clicking on the Start Menu will bring up the Quick Access Menu.

Click on Windows PowerShell (Admin). If UAC asks you a question, click Yes.

Copy and paste the command below, then press the Enter key:


Microsoft.YourPhone | Remove-AppxPackage | ALL USERS

This will get rid of the Your Phone app from your PC. If you want to get it back, you can find it in the Microsoft Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I disable YourPhone.exe?

You probably know about the YourPhone.exe file, which appears whenever you open a web browser. This program is used to display ads and track your browsing habits. However, there are ways to stop this process without having to uninstall the program entirely.

However, if you don’t want to see those pesky advertisements anymore, you’ll have to remove the YourPhone.exe application altogether. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open up the Control Panel.

2. Click Programs and Features.

3. Locate the YourPhone.exe program and click Uninstall.

4. Confirm your choice by clicking OK.

Why is the CPU being used by YourPhone?

Your phone might use up a lot of power because it runs apps like the YourPhone app. These apps use resources such as memory and processor speed. Some apps use more resources than others. For example, some apps use more RAM than others.

If the YourPhone app consumes more CPU than other apps, there are ways to solve this problem. You can try one of the following methods:

1. Reduce background tasks

2. Disable notifications

3. Close unused apps

4. Use less RAM

5. Uninstall unnecessary apps