How to Limit CPU Usage of a Program in Windows [Full Guide]

CPU utilization refers to the current portion of CPU resources consumed by every program running on your computer. This includes everything from background tasks like antivirus scans and indexing to foreground programs like browsers and video players. You can use Task Manager to view the percentage of CPU resources used by each process. However, you … Read more

LocalserviceNoNetworkFirewall High CPU Usage [Full Guide]

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DISM Host Servicing Process High CPU Usage [Solved]

The DISM Host Service (HCS) is responsible for managing Windows 10 deployments. This article explains how to diagnose and resolve HCS issues. If you see high CPU usage while deploying Windows 10, check whether the following conditions exist: • If you use a Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), make sure that the MDT server is configured … Read more

DCFWinService High CPU Usage on Windows [Quick Fix]

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