What is msedge.exe [HIGH CPU & GPU SOLUTION]

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MsEdge.exe is the web browser that comes pre-installed on Windows 10/Windows 11 operating system. This program is used to browse internet and surf the web. However, there are some people who don’t like this application because it consumes lots of resources such as RAM memory and disk space. So, they want to uninstall it. But, how to delete this file without harming your computer? Read our article to know about this issue.

What exactly is MsEdge.exe?

MsEdge is an abbreviation of Microsoft Edge. EXE stands for executable files. When you run Microsoft Edge browser, you will notice a lot of processes running in background, some of which are named like “MicrosoftEdge_”. These are edge extensions.

Is MsEdge.exe legit?

MsEdge.exe is a malicious file that can cause serious damage to computers. This program is used to steal personal information and money. If you are looking for ways to protect yourself against such threats, we recommend downloading the free version of Microsoft Security Essentials. You can download MSE here.

Where is Msedge.exe located?

Msedge.exe is an essential component of Microsoft Edge. If it is missing, the browser won’t work properly. There are two versions of MS EDGE.EXE:32bit and 64bit. To find out what version you have, open up Windows Explorer and type %PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft\Edge into the address bar. For example, mine says C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge.

In order to locate the EXEs, you must know where Edge is installed. This will show you where Edge is installed.

If you don’t see the folder listed, try searching for “MSEDGE.EXE”.

Updated: April 2024

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Msedge.exe high Disk or CPU usage

MsEdge.exe uses a large amount of system resources and it slows down Windows 10 PCs. This application consumes a lot of memory and CPU. You can use Task Manager to see what processes are eating up your RAM and processor power. If you find out what process is consuming too much resources, just stop it.

You can clear browser data and cookies to make sure that there is no cache information left behind. Click OK. Now restart the browser.

If clearing browsing history doesn’t work, reset Edge browser. In the window that opens, select Reset Microsoft Edge. Then follow the instructions.

What exactly is msedge.exe.exe, and how can I get rid of it?

This is a fake version of Microsoft Edge browser. When you download it, you are downloading a virus called “msedge.exe.exe”. You shouldn’t run files like this one. If you don’t know what to do next, please contact us immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is msedge.exe?

Microsoft Edge is a browser built into Windows 10. It replaces Internet Explorer 11 and provides a modern web browsing experience. If you are familiar with Internet Explorer, you might find it easier to use than Chrome or Firefox.

How do I uninstall msedge.exe?

ou can uninstall msedge.exe manually or automatically. For manual removal, follow these steps:

1. Locate msedge.exe and end process.

2. Click OK to close task manager window.

3. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the windows desktop.

Is msedge.exe a Virus or Malware?

The msedge.exe virus doesn’t affect all versions of Windows. If you open the file, you might see a warning message saying “Microsoft Edge is updating…” This is normal behavior. You don’t need to worry about this program because it won’t do anything harmful to your computer. However, there are some malicious programs that look just like Microsoft Edge. They’re called malware, and they’ll try to steal personal information, install additional software, or even harm your PC.

Is msedge.exe causing High Disk Usage?

This article explains how you can use Process Explorer to determine what programs are eating up most of your disk space.

Is msedge.exe causing High CPU Usage?

MsEdge.exe is a program which runs inside Windows 10, and it is responsible for managing Microsoft Edge Extensions. If you notice high usage of your computer’s processor while using Edge, chances are that this is what’s causing the problem. There are several reasons why this might happen, including the following:

1. You have too many extensions installed.

2. Your browser cache is full.

3. A malicious extension is running in the background.

4. An ad blocker plugin is blocking ads.

5. A third-party tool is interfering with Edge.

6. You’re trying to run multiple browsers simultaneously.