High CPU Usage by audiodg.exe [Solved in Windows 10/11]

The problem occurs when you play games or watch videos. If you are playing video games or watching movies, it might cause high CPU usage. This article explains how to fix this issue. High Processor Use by audiodg.exe We are facing high cpu usage issues due to Audiodg.exe process while playing music files. This application … Read more

Fix: STATUS IN PAGE ERROR with code 0xc0000006 in Windows 10

Error 0xc0000006 typically occurs when users try to run certain executable files, most often created in Visual Studio, or when they run certain Visual Basic scripts. 0xc0000006 NTSTATUS code error indicating STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR. This error often occurs when trying to run an executable file from a network volume. This is most likely due to an intermittent … Read more