Fix Outlook Sending and receiving reported error (0x800CCC65)

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What to do in case of an error: “Outlook reports: sending and receiving an error message (0x800CCC65)”? This means that your application will not connect to the SMTP server that you have configured for your email account.

Error 0x800CCC65 is an error message that occurs when setting up an email client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) to use with email services (e.g. HostPapa Advanced Email). This is often due to configuration issues with ports, mail client settings, or an Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocking SMTP port 25.

What Causes this Error

The reason for this problem is that your email client cannot authenticate with the server. This is usually due to the fact that SMTP authentication is not enabled in MS Outlook.

Another possible cause of the problem is antivirus or firewall that checks outgoing email connections. If you configured your email client correctly as described above and the problem persists, turn off the antivirus and firewall installed on your local computer and try sending the email again.

The complete error message should look like this:

Sending error (0x800CCC65): Your outgoing mail server (SMTP) reported an internal error. If you continue to receive this message, please contact your server administrator or Internet Service Provider (ISP). The server responded: 503 A valid RCPT command must precede DATA. “

Configure your email client for automatic authentication

Select the “My server requires authentication” checkbox in your mail configuration for the outgoing mail server. You can send an email without opening your mailbox first.

You need to use password authentication, where username is the full email address you are accessing and password is what was generated when you set up the email address. username mail. Depending on your mailer, there may be an option to use the same username and password as your incoming mail server, but not all mailers have this option.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, try the following:

  • Open Outlook.
  • Go to Tools> Email Accounts.
  • Select the account you are having problems with and click Change.
  • Click Advanced Settings.
  • Click the Outgoing Server tab.
  • Click “Outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires authentication” and make sure “Use the same settings as the incoming mail server” is selected.
  • Click the Advanced tab.
  • Set “Outgoing Port (SMTP)” to 587.
  • Click OK, then click Test Account Settings.

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Change SMTP settings

The most common problem is that the port of your SMTP connection is filtered by the local firewall or your ISP.

To fix this error, you can try to change your SMTP server from 25 to 2525.

Change the firewall settings

If this does not solve the problem, try disabling the firewall and all anti-virus programs installed on your computer.

Another possible cause of the problem is an antivirus or firewall that checks for outgoing e-mail connections. If you have correctly configured your email client as described above and the problem persists, turn off the antivirus and firewall installed on your local computer and try sending emails again. You may have to change some firewall settings.

Get Outlook client support

If you are looking for a way to contact the Outlook support team, you can call the Outlook hotline. This is provided by the Outlook support team. Calling this toll-free number can often be a way to ask questions or make suggestions about Outlook. Experts will help you immediately or help with any questions you may have. So don’t worry about problems with Outlook, just contact a certified Outlook professional. They are available 24 hours a day for Outlook users. Visit the official Outlook website to get the most out of Microsoft Outlook. Here you will find updates to support Outlook.

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