How to Fix Performance Counter Error 0xC0000BB8

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EventSentry may log error 0xC0000BB8 when a specific performance counter is unavailable or disabled.

If the counter is disabled, you can use the Extensible Performance Counter List utility to re-enable the counter. The error message looks like this:

Performance Counter PhysicalDisk (*) \ Avg. Disk Queue Length ‘could not be traced due to error’ 0xC0000BB8 ‘. Make sure there is a performance counter. If you are using a non-English version of Windows, the performance counters are named in the language of the operating system. “

If you see the following error in Server Manager for Server, the custom dataset is actually missing. This could be due to the fact that the administrator accidentally deleted the entry.

The power meter update failed due to the following error: The data collector set could not be found.

Manually rebuild performance counters for Windows Server 2008

Enter the following commands at the administrative command prompt to restore all counters, including extensible and third-party counters. Press ENTER after each command.

  • Restore counters:
  • cd c: \ windows \ system32
  • lodctr / R.
  • cd c: \ windows \ sysWOW64
  • lodctr / R.
  • Re-sync the counters with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI):
  • Stop and restart the Performance Logs and Alerts Service.

Stop and restart the Windows Management Instrumentation service.

Create a new data collector set (do not use an existing data collector set).

Updated: April 2024

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Sometimes not all counters can be restored when starting lodctr / R. If you notice this, make sure that the c: \ windows \ system32 \ PerfStringBackup.INI file contains the correct information. You can copy this file from the same computer to restore the counters. This file may differ slightly from one computer to another. However, if you notice a dramatic difference in size, some information may be missing. Always make a backup before replacing, and there is no guarantee that copying this file from another computer will restore all counters. If possible, compare the file with computer backups to see if the file size has decreased at some point.

Update Server Manager Settings

Operations Console and Management Agents have code-dependent version levels. The Operations Console continually monitors the version levels of registered management agents. If it detects that the registered management agent is out of sync (incompatible) with the version level of the management console, it notifies the user that an update is required for the specific version of the management console. control. This can happen every time you change the version level of the management console, be it newer or older.

When you receive a notification, you must manually update the management agent. Failure to update the management agent can lead to unpredictable and unwanted results when Server Manager requests are made on the target computer that hosts the management agent.

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