How to Fix Unable to Delete VPN Connection in Windows 10

VPN is a popular word these days. It is an abbreviated form of the virtual private network. Thousands of users use it regularly. However, some users use it occasionally. Most PC users use Windows. There may be problems with VPN connections. The first is that the VPN connection error cannot be fixed. This is often the case in the latest versions of Windows 10. This problem can also occur with Windows 8 users. When trying to remove one of these connections, this error can appear with the following message:

The VPN connection cannot be deleted while it is connected or while it is connected. Disconnect or disconnect and try again.

Why does this error occur:

There can be several reasons for this. One is a damaged or problematic connection protocol problem. Or there is a problem with the network connection settings.

Remove the VPN Connection in Windows 10 from the Command Prompt

A VPN connection can be terminated quickly with the rasphone tool.

  • Open a new command prompt window.
  • Enter the following:
    • rasphone -R “name”
  • Replace the name part with the name of your VPN connection that you want to remove.
  • After successfully removing the VPN, you can close the command prompt.

Delete a VPN Connection in PowerShell

  • Open PowerShell.
  • Type the following command in PowerShell and press Enter to view the details of all available VPN connections.
    • Get-VpnConnection
  • Type the following command in PowerShell and press Enter.
    • Remove-VpnConnection -Name “Name -Force”
  • Replace the name in the previous command with the actual name of the disconnected VPN (e.g. “MPN”) you want to remove.
    • For example: Remove-VpnConnection -Name “MPN -Force”
  • You can then close PowerShell if you want.

Uninstall the VPN Client

  • Press the Win key on the keyboard
  • Enter add or remove
  • Select the Add or Remove Programs option
  • Find the VPN app you want to remove from your PC
  • Select the VPN app
  • Click the Uninstall button when it becomes visible
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the removal

After the uninstallation process is complete, a VPN profile should no longer be displayed.


All in all, completely removing a VPN connection from your computer isn’t rocket science.

Yes, this involves more than double-clicking, but that doesn’t mean that it’s no more complicated than setting up subtitles for your movie, for example.

The bottom line is that some VPN clients intentionally leave behind residual files. The reason they use it is that you may want to reinstall your service later. If you do this, the service can simply continue from where it left off.