What is cnqmmain.exe Application Error [SOLVED]

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What is cnqmmain.exe?

cnqmmain is a software program installed with Canon camera models. This.exe file is used to manage the functions of Canon cameras, such as auto focus, exposure control, flash settings, etc. However, you shouldn’t delete this file unless you know exactly how it works because deleting it could cause problems with your camera.

Is it safe to run cnqmmain.exe?

cnqmmain.exe is a legitimate program that you might want to keep around. However, there are some things you should know about it. First off, it’s not malicious software. It’s actually a tool that helps you manage Microsoft Office 365 accounts. You can use it to add contacts, view calendar appointments, and even send emails directly from within the application. There are many different ways to install it, however, so here’s what you need to do to make sure it doesn’t cause problems.

How to Uninstall cnqmmaiin.exe

Step 1: Open Windows Explorer and navigate to where you installed the app.

Step 2: Right-click on the folder containing the executable file and select “Properties.”

Step 3: Click on the tab labeled “Compatibility” and ensure that the box next to “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” is checked.

Step 4: Close the window.

Step 5: In the same location, open up Notepad and paste the following text into the document:

How To Remove or Uninstall cnqmmain.exe

There are many ways to delete the cnqmmain program from your computer, including manual removal method and automatic removal tool. In this article we will show you how to remove it manually. You can use the guide below to remove cnqmmain from your computer. Please follow the steps carefully.

Step 1. Click Start button and type “Control Panel” into the Search box. Press Enter to open Control Panel window.

Step 2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs applet under Windows Components section.

Step 3. A list of installed programs will be displayed in the main window. Scroll down the list of installed applications till you find cnqmmain listed among installed apps. Select cnqmmain entry, then press Delete key on the keyboard.

Step 4. After uninstalling cnqmmain, please restart your computer for final removal of cnqmmain file.

If you do not know very well about the process above, you can try Automatic Removal Tool to help you quickly detect and remove cnqmmmain.exe virus from your computer. This powerful malware remover is specially designed to eliminate malicious software effectively and safely. Just download the free trial version from here and scan your entire PC now.

First Solution How to disable cnqmmain.exe process.

Run Asmwsoft PC OptiMAnge Application.

Select Process Manager. Wait for Few Seconds. Then Look For CnqmmainExe Process. Click Right Mouse Button And Add To Block List. This Will Prevent This Process To Start.

Keep In Mind You Have To Allow Windows To Load Automatically On Boot.

#2 – Remove “cnqmmain.exe” From Startup Programs

Open Registry Editor. Go To HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\.

Create New Key named Special Account Name.

Add Value named Cnqmmain.

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Second Solution How to remove cnqmmain.exe from windows startup.

cnqmmain.exe is one of the most annoying processes you can find on your computer. This process is responsible for starting up every time you turn your computer on. If you want to delete it permanently, follow our instructions.

The steps are very simple. Just follow each step carefully. Once done, you will see that there is no longer any trace of cnqmmain on your system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cnqmmain.exe a Virus or Malware?

cnqmmain is a legitimate application that runs on Windows operating systems. This program is used to manage Cisco Network Quick Mode Manager (CNQMM). However, some malicious programs use CNQMM as a backdoor to gain access to your computer. When you delete cnqmmain, you are actually removing the backdoor.

If you want to know whether cnqmmmain is a virus or malware, you must perform a full system scan. A full system scan will detect whether cnqmmaint is installed as well as what files it has modified. You can download such software from reputable vendors like ESET.

Is cnqmmain.exe causing High Disk Usage?

cnqmmain.exe is a Windows component that runs automatically whenever you start Microsoft Office 2007 or later. The file is used to manage certain components of the software, such as the Quick Access toolbar and the ribbon interface. You might notice it taking up a large amount of disk space.

To find out how much space cnqmmain takes up, follow these steps:

1. Open the Start menu and type cmd into the Search box.

2. Right-click the Command Prompt entry in the list and select Run As Administrator.

3. Type the following command line: “tasklist | grep cnqmmain”.

4. Press Enter.

5. Check the size of the cnqmmaimemap.db database file.

Is cnqmmain.exe causing High CPU Usage?

cnqmmain.exe is one of the most common processes running on Windows systems. If you are experiencing high CPU usage, there could be many reasons why this happens. In this article we will discuss how to identify and fix the problem.

The cnqmmain process is responsible for loading the main menu screen of CNQ, the Chinese version of Microsoft Office software. You might see this process running while you are working on documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher or Outlook.

If you find that this process is consuming a large amount of resources, here are some things to check:

1. Check whether the program needs to run in background mode.

2. Make sure that no other programs are accessing the same files.

3. Try disabling add-ons and toolbars.

4. Run the following command prompt commands to determine what is making CNQ use so much memory:

Is cnqmmain.exe causing High Network Usage?

Open Task Manager and go to the Performance tab. Select the CPU column and sort by name. If you see cnqmmain running high, you might want to close it down and restart your computer.

If you are having trouble finding the culprit, here are some things to try:

1. Go into Device Manager and uninstall the driver for the network adapter. Reboot your PC and rerun the scan again.

2. Check out our guide on how to fix Windows 10 slow boot times.

3. Try disabling unnecessary startup programs like Microsoft Office Live Mail, OneDrive, and others.

4. Run CCleaner to clean up temporary files and cookies.

5. Delete old browser cache.