Windows Update Error Code: Error 0x800706ba [QUICK SOLUTION]

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Windows 10 users are reporting that updating to the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system causes errors like 0x800706ba. This issue prevents you from installing the Windows 11 update. To fix it, we suggest trying one of the following methods.

1. Repairing Windows Updates

If you see the error 0x800706BA while downloading the Windows 11 update, try repairing your computer with the built-in tools.

2. Resetting Some Windows Update Components

Resetting some Windows update components is another method to fix the Windows update error 0x800706ba problem.

What does 0x800706BA mean?

Error 0x800706ba occurs due to corruption of system files. This error code appears when some critical file gets damaged. Errors like 0x800706ba are usually caused by malware attacks, virus infections, hardware malfunctioning etc. In such cases, it becomes difficult to identify the exact cause of the problem. However, there are certain steps that one can follow to resolve the issue. These include running the Windows Update Troubleshooting Tool, downloading the latest driver update and performing a System Restore.

Run the Windows Update Troubleshotting Tool

The Windows Update Troubleshooting tool helps troubleshoot errors related to Microsoft products. If you are getting error 0x800706ba while trying to install/update software, run the Windows Update Troubleshopping tool. You can download the tool here.

Download Latest Driver Updates

If you are having trouble installing drivers, try updating the device drivers. Download the latest version of the device drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

Perform a System Restore

A System Restore allows you to undo changes made to your computer since the last restore point. Click on Create a Restore Point button to set up a restore point. Once done, select Restart Now option to restart your PC. After the reboot, choose the previous restore point to return your PC to the state it was in prior to the installation of the faulty driver.

How do I fix error 0x800706ba on Windows 10 and 11?

Windows 10 Error Code 0x8007007a, 0x8007007c, 0x80070072, 0x8007073e, 0x8007074f, 0x8007075d are some of the most common errors reported by Microsoft Windows users. These errors occur due to hardware malfunctioning, virus attack, improper installation of software, improper shutdown of device, power outage, overheating issues, etc.

If you encounter one of these errors while working on your computer, it might become difficult to access files, programs, folders, etc. You might even lose your entire data. To avoid such situations, we recommend you to follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Download and install Restoro

Restoro is an easy-to-use tool developed by iCareware. This tool helps you fix many common problems related to Windows operating systems.

You can download Restoro from the link given below.

Once installed, launch the program and select “Fix Windows Operating System”.

2. Use Windows Update Troubleshooter

Press the Windows logo key + R keys to open up the Start menu. Type “Windows update”, press Enter, and select Settings. In the left pane, choose the Updates & security option. In the center pane, choose the Troubleshoot tab. On the right side, you’ll see an additional troubleshooters section. Scroll down until you find the Windows Update option. Click it, and follow the onscreen directions.

3. Enable Critical Windows Update Services

If you are getting 0x800706ba error code while trying to update your system, it might be due to disabling one of the critical windows update services. This article explains how to resolve the problem.

Updated: July 2024

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4. Download the update manually

The Windows Update Error Code 800706BA appears when Microsoft Edge cannot download the latest security patches because it is blocked by a firewall or anti-virus software. This usually happens when there are too many open ports on the network. If you receive this error code, you must download the latest version of the patch manually. You can use the command-line tool wuauclt.exe to check the status of the update. Open a Command Prompt window and type the following commands:

wuauclt /detectnow

wuauclt.exe /l /norestart

If you see the following output, you are good to go:

Windows Update detected no recent updates.

To install updates, restart now.

5. Reset Windows Updates Components

Microsoft has been working hard to address the recent issues affecting Windows 10 systems. One of those issues involves the automatic updating component known as Windows Update. If you are experiencing problems with this feature, it might be worth resetting some of the update components. Here is how to do this.

1. Scroll down to Advanced options and select Restart now.

2. Wait while Windows restarts. When prompted, enter your password and press Enter.

3 Select Check for solutions online and wait for the process to complete.

4. Once completed, follow the prompts to reboot again.

What does it mean when the RPC Server is down?

RPC Server unavailable indicates that there is some problem with your network connection. This error usually occurs due to problems with your computer or internet router. If you are facing this issue while accessing your email account, it could be because of the following reasons:

1. Your ISP might be blocking port 25 or 465/587.

2. There might be a virus or malware infection on your PC.

3. Your antivirus program might be blocking access to the mail servers.

4. The mail servers might be down temporarily.

5. The mail servers might have been hacked.

6. The mail servers might not be configured properly.

How do I fix the Windows 11 error 0x800706ba?

The0x800706ba error occurs due to some problems in your system files. You can use the following guide to repair it. Follow the instructions given below carefully to solve the problem.

1. Click Start button and type “Troubleshoot”. Then press Enter.

2. In the troubleshooting window, under Advanced Options, select Startup Settings.

3. Select Restart now.

4. Wait till the computer restarts completely.

5. After restarting the computer, open Control Panel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I look for new stuff?

At least once a week, you should look for updates. If you are using an automatic update system, like Microsoft Update, you should check for updates every day or two.

When will I get my free updates for Windows?

When you connect to the internet or start using your PC, Windows 10 updates will be downloaded automatically. If there are any pending updates, you will get an email about it. If you don’t want to wait, you can use this link to check for updates yourself.