Windows 10 Update/Uprade Error 0x80d02005 [Fixed]

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Microsoft recently rolled out Windows 10 version 1809, aka “Anniversary Update.” This latest release brings some improvements like dark mode, Cortana integration, and much more. However, it also includes several bugs and problems. If you’re having trouble with this update, check out how to fix Windows 10 Anniversary Update error code 0x80d0 2005. You might want to try one of the solutions mentioned here.

If you are stuck with the problem, we recommend downloading the latest Windows 10 ISO file, creating a bootable flash drive or DVD, and doing clean installation.

Step #1 – How to Fix Error Code 80d02005 on Windows 10 Anniversary

Windows 10 Anniversary Update caused many people to encounter a blue screen error while updating. This issue occurs due to corrupted files and registry keys. In order to fix this error, you’ll need to perform a system restore.

To do this, follow the steps listed below:

Restart your computer.

Press and hold the following key combination until you see the Advanced Boot Options menu: F8.

Fix 2. Free up hard disk

Go to Start menu and type Disk Cleanup. Click on the first search option. Allow the system to clear out unwanted data. Check for programs that you are no longer utilizing. Delete them through Control Panel. Use cloud storage as an alternate to store personal files.

Fix 3. Perform / Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Microsoft has released a new version of the Windows 10 update troubleshooting tool. In addition to fixing some known issues, Microsoft added several improvements including the ability to download and install the latest cumulative update KB4517384 directly from the tool itself.

The tool allows you to check whether there are pending updates for your computer and to see what those updates are. You can even download and apply them manually. If the problem persists, you can use the tool to diagnose the issue further.

You can find the tool here.

Fix 2. Download Media Creation Tool

If you are facing problems while installing Windows 10 Creators Update, try downloading the latest version of Media Creation Tool. This tool helps you to fix the error code 0x80d02005. If you are unable to download it directly from Microsoft Store, you can use the link given below.

Step By Step Guide To Install Windows 10 Creators Update:

1. First of all, open the web browser and go to the above mentioned link.

2. Once you reach the download page, select the option “Download Now”.

3. Wait for few minutes and once the installation process starts, don’t interrupt it.

4. After completion, restart the system and check whether the problem still exists.

Updated: July 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix the error message from Microsoft Update?

To fix an error related to MSU, open the “settings” menu and select “troubleshoot.” Then, choose “other troubleshooters” and click on “run.”

In case you are facing problems during installation or update of software, try running the windows update troubleshooter.

Why does Windows 10 20H2 keep failing?

Microsoft released Windows 10 version 20 H1 in October 2017. Windows 10 version 20H 2 will fail if you try updating to Windows 10 version 20 H 3 or later versions. This happens because of a bug in the Windows Update system. If you are experiencing this problem, follow the steps mentioned here to solve it.

To prevent this error, run the “Windows Update Troubleshooter”. In case the troubleshooter doesn’t work, clean the SoftwareDistribution folder. Also, reset the Catroot2 folder.