SearchUI.exe Suspended on Windows 10 [SOLVED]

If you find yourself unable to use Microsoft Edge because it keeps getting suspended, you might want to try out some of the following methods to fix the problem. These steps include deleting the process, checking for updates, turning off your anti-virus software, and even switching browsers. 1. Delete the Process The easiest way to … Read more

winrmsrv.exe Is It Safe? [GUIDE & SOLUTION]

WinRMServerExe, also known as WinRMSvrServer.exe, is a malicious software program designed to steal sensitive information from your computer. This type of malware usually infects computers via email attachments or downloads from untrustworthy websites. Once it gets into your system, it starts looking for files containing personal data such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, social … Read more

Troubleshoot SystemSettings.exe Crashing on Windows 10 [FIXED]

The SystemSettings.exe file is responsible for managing system settings and it gets launched automatically whenever we start our computers. This process is usually very fast and does not take much time, however sometimes it crashes unexpectedly. In such cases, you might face some problems like missing files or corrupted registry entries. These issues make the … Read more

SkypeBridge.exe Error on Windows 10 [EASY FIX]

SkypeBridge.exe error occurs due to some system errors. This error can occur while installing or updating the applications. In such cases, it is recommended to use the manual method to fix the issue. However, there are certain methods which can help resolve this issue automatically. These methods include the following: 1. Use System Restore 2. … Read more

SiHost.Exe Hard Drive Error on Windows 10 [QUICK SOLUTION]

Windows 10 includes an update process called Windows Update. This tool allows Microsoft to automatically install security patches and other important software updates. However, sometimes it fails to do so properly. In such cases, you might encounter sihost.exe unknown hard error. This issue occurs due to corruption in system files. To fix this problem, we … Read more

LogTransport2.exe Application Error [FIXED]

LogTransporter 2.0 is one of the most popular applications used among IT professionals. However, it is prone to errors. If you are facing problems while running this software, here are some solutions to help you resolve the issue. #1. Check System Requirements Before installing the program, make sure that your PC meets the following requirements: … Read more

SPLwow64.exe Error on Windows [EASY FIX]

This article provides six ways to fix the SPLwow64.exe error on Windows. If you want to download Splwow64.exe file, please go to our site 1. Run the following command prompt commands to delete the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon 2. Delete the directory %SystemRoot%\system32\config\SYSTEM 3. Reboot your computer 4. Then run the following command prompt … Read more