How to Fix Windows Activation Error Code 0xC004F050

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Error code 0xc004f050 refers to a problem with Windows key activation. The problem occurs when trying to activate a copy of Windows using the Windows Activation Wizard. This happens when the system becomes unstable and important system files are missing. Even though Windows 10 is a free update for Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 users, the activation error is still a problem. If you have already activated Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 and upgraded successfully, there should be no problems. This issue only occurs when performing a clean install.


  • When the system becomes unstable and critical system files are missing, error code 0xc004f050 occurs.
  • This issue can occur if the license has expired or the license is not signed correctly.
  • An invalid product key can also be the root cause.
  • For computers running Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Vista, this error can occur if you enter the key for the beta version of the operating system while using the released version of the operating system.
  • If you do a fresh install, everything will be removed from the main drive. After installation, Windows cannot find the hardware ID used to verify your license.
  • Incorrect installation, deletion of some very important system files, misconfigured system files, etc. can also lead to this error.

Here are the methods you can use to fix the error.

Enter your product key again

As mentioned above, if the product is incorrect or invalid, an error message will appear. The product key you entered does not work 0xc004f050. Please confirm your key to resolve this issue.

Step 1. Go to Start> Settings> Update & Security.

Step 2: In the activation window, click “Change Product Key”.

Step 3: Enter your product key and click Next.

Step 4: Complete the activation by following the instructions on the screen.

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Use the automatic phone system to activate Windows 10

If you get error code 0xc004f050 when activating Windows 10 and you know that the license is valid and obtained from a legal source, you can try activating the system using the phone system.

Step 1: Press Win + R, enter SLUI 4 and click OK.

Step 2: Select your country and region.

Step 3. Call the phone number provided to contact the Microsoft Product Activation Center with your Installation ID.

Step 4: Enter your Verification ID to activate Windows.

Use the Troubleshooting Tool to activate Windows 10.

You can also troubleshoot activation issues using the Windows 10 Troubleshooting feature. As you already know, Windows 10 has a number of troubleshooting tools that allow users to quickly solve technical problems in just one click.

To use the Windows 10 Activation Troubleshooting Tool, select Start> Update and Security and click Activation. Scroll down a bit and you will find the supermarket to activate. Run it and follow the on-screen instructions to correct error 0xc004f050.

Please re-insert the product key.

  • Click Start, click Computer, and then click System Properties on the toolbar.
  • Under Windows Activation, click Change Product Key.
  • If you are prompted for an administrator password, enter the password or click Next.
  • Enter your product key in the Product Key field, and then click Next.
  • Follow the instructions of the Windows Activation Wizard to complete the activation process.

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